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The TIGERS constitute a Lebanese resistance group which was committed and fought during the Lebanese war, from 1975 till 1980,for the Lebanese independence, and sovereignty against foreign invasion and inclusion in the Lebanese internal affairs.

The Lebanese war was mainly sparked by the heavy military presence in those days of armed Palestinians groups who rose to defy the Lebanese state trying to impose their own laws on the people and the formal institutions.

The conditions of the war were then gravely aggravated by the alliance of some Lebanese with the Palestinians against their Lebanese brothers and by the invasion of Syrian troops of the Lebanese territory, which led in its turn to massive Israeli interventions and invasions during the whole war. 

Although now ,the tigers have no military presence on the Lebanese soil, along with the Palestinians armed groups who were annihilated and driven out of Lebanon, but Syrian troops - the Israeli withdrew in may 2000, and the Chebaa farms are not officially recognized as Lebanese by the Syrians and so the United Nations- are still there, and so remains the spirit of the tigers, and their comitement to Lebanon 's defense, in the heart of the fighters and the new generation of young Lebanese militant jealous about Lebanese independence and sovereignty.

The tigers will remain alive as long as there would be foreign presence on the Lebanese ground, and foreign interventions in its internal affairs.

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